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1. Definitions Customer:

the customer: an institution or individual. "DeCBDsite" and / or "we": assessor of the General Conditions. Day: Calendar day  


We as being 'deCBDsite "respect the privacy of all users and shall ensure that the personal information you give us will be treated confidentially. We use your data only for this to be orders as quickly and effectively as possible. We will not sell your personal information.  


We are only a webshop (www.decbdsite.nl) and therefore have no physical address.

Our contact details are: email: decbdside@outlook.com telephone: tel: 0649796789 (Mon / Fri from 9; 00 and 16:00)

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Decbdsite-553841854764795/

Iban: NL55ABNA0461136406

Chamber of Commerce: 64996557

VAT: NL149673310B01  


The articles are described as clearly as possible and / or displayed on the website and / or written offers. These products possess the properties mentioned in the offer 'deCBDsite. The website clearly stated what the customer by purchase and what rights and duties are if one accepts the offer. We make no medical judgments, the products are offered as being nutritional supplements and are not intended to cure, treat, and / or prevention of diseases.  


The prices of our products are indicated in euros, including VAT, except for any shipping costs and / or unless otherwise stated.  


When purchasing products, the customer has the option to terminate the agreement without giving any reason for 10 days. This period commences on the day the customer receives the product. During this period the customer will handle the product and packaging. The customer will be the product only to the extent unpacking the extent necessary to assess whether the customer wishes to keep the product. If the customer exercises his right of withdrawal, the product with all accessories will be one (if reasonably possible) in its original condition and packaging unopened returned to 'deCBDsite "e.e.a. accordance with the reasonable and clear instructions provided by' deCBDsite.


For all products bought by the customer 'deCBDsite' statutory warranty applies. This means that a product must be in good condition and in normal use for an appropriate function. When the customer receives a product that is not the case, we provide the customer as soon as possible a suitable solution. Depending on the product, we do this by replacement and / or refund.   When the customer returns a defective product, the customer will receive a replacement product. We do our utmost to return the product within the prescribed period: if the complaint about a faulty product is founded, making it eligible for replacement if the defect was not caused by: damage intentionally or by negligence, misuse or improper maintenance, normal wear and / or damage from failure or improper observance of the instructions. Parts of glass are not covered by the warranty.   Wanner customer has a defective product which he wants to guarantee, it must first contact us using: email: deCBDsite@outlook.com either via the contact form on the website, www.deCBDsite.nl.  


The customer can email questions and / or complaints deCBDsite@outlook.com or use our contact form on the website. Complaints are usually handled within seven days. If for any reason this is not possible, the customer will be informed of the delay period.


"DeCBDsite 'is based in the Netherlands and will follow the rules of Dutch law. In some countries or states it is illegal to import certain goods, to take stock and / or possession. If you want to buy some products please check your local (customs) regulations and laws! "DeCBDsite 'accepts no liability for violating the local (customs) regulations and laws. "DeCBDsite 'sends its products with the respect that they will not be in conflict with the law are used by third parties. "DeCBDsite" nobody wants to encourage breaking the law. "DeCBDsite" want to make certain that anyone who buys our products is responsible for its future actions; "DeCBDsite 'accepts no liability in this regard. "DeCBDsite 'can not be held liable for damages caused by incorrect and / or illegal use of the products purchased. "DeCBDsite 'can not be held responsible if the ordered products are welcomed by the rules or laws of any country or state have been violated by customs. In that case, the customer can not repay his or her money demands.


The information on our website can not be considered a substitute for a consultation and / or treatment by a physician or health care provider. All information has been compiled with care. The aim is to keep the information up-to-date. "DeCBDsite" is not liable for any direct or indirect damage that could arise from the use of the information or the change without consulting a doctor, stop or adjusting a treatment prescribed by a doctor. We fundamentally believe that the reduction of pain and suffering has been proven by use of CBD products and is more important than any unclear local legislation. But deCBDsite 'is forced to work within the conflict between law and moral obligation. Policy regarding comments: The customer is fully responsible for everything in his comments post and is aware of the fact that all submitted comments are in the public domain; This also applies to our Facebook page.

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