Difference between types oil's

The difference between the various types of oil's  

There are several different types of cannabis oil, of various kinds of plants, or parts of the plant, for example, the seeds or the plan .. Also wear different types of oil sometimes (incorrectly) the same name that the choice to buy what mediwiet oil or extract cannabidiol not easier.  

Difference cannabis, hemp and cannabis Hemp plants and weed plants are not the same plant, but come from the same family, they are so well both cannabis plants. If cannabis is spoken so it can go both hemp and marijuana on. (Also known as marijuana)   THC and CBD The biggest difference between hemp and marijuana is that hemp does not contain or hardly THC, is the psychoactive ingredient tic that makes for a stoned or high feeling. This makes the hemp plant is legal. The extremely low THC content is compensated by a higher CBD content. Both substances have medicinal benefits plane.  

Different types of oil:  

* Cannabis Oil also called THC oil Cannabis oil or Rick Simpson Oil ... (Illegal)

 * CBD Hemp oil also oil ... (Legal)  

* Hemp seed oil also seed oil or hemp oil ... (Legal)   What is Cannabis Oil Cannabis oil is contained from all parts of the cannabis plant and can handle high concentrations of THC. Especially the tops of the plant (which can be bought in coffee shops) contain a lot of resin glands where THC is formed. Cannabis oil is not legal and therefore not for sale.

What's CBD oil CBD oil abbreviation of Cannabidiol oil is extracted from all parts (leaves, flower buds, stems) of the hemp plant (industrial hemp) and is therefore also known as hemp oil. Because of the powerful effect and because of the legal status this oil is increasingly becoming more popular and hence available in various forms.

 What is hemp seed oil Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of hemp plants and does not have the powerful features that cannabis oil and CBD have oil, but offers enormous benefits for our body. The beneficial seed oil contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids in precisely the correct composition and ensures an optimal functioning immune system.  

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